Where our money goes when buying books

Hi everyone, a fact about me, I love buying books and being able to put them on my bookshelves after I read them. There is however a little obstacle in my way preventing me from buying more books; they can be a bit expensive, probably most will agree. I was interested how my money is broken down once I buy a book, as in who gets that money, and how much. I did some research about the people involved in publishing a book and how much some of them get paid. Following my research I came to the conclusion, that books are not overpriced, not at all. The profit from books for individual people is actually very small, have a look…

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Summer TBR

This post, who am I kidding, I am just doing it for fun. How many times have I made myself a tbr of some sort and then only read 1/3 of the books? Too many to count.

I know I am not going to read all of these books, but you know what, I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all. I just feel like doing this official tbr and nothing will stop me. Since I know I most likely won’t stick to this tbr I won’t be disappointed by not reaching that goal, that’s just how it is. Probably the biggest reason why I am so eager to this and couldn’t wait to get started with this post is what is coming up, in just two months. Actually in less than two months, as on the 19th of May I will have my final IB exam and then I will have over four months of no school and no school like responsibilities. I will finally be able to read some books! So far in 2021 I have only fully completed three books… I know, but I have had too many assignments to read books, but I will use the time off as a time when I can catch up and read all those books that are just waiting and pleading me to read them.

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Throwback: my first rant review

Hi everyone, hope you keeping safe during these rough times.

While preparing the previous post I had to dig a little deeper into my Goodreads bookshelves, and by doing so I found what I now consider a gem. That thing being possiboy my first ever written rant review, ever. I wrote the review over 5 years ago, in February of 2016. That means I must have been, emm, 13 at the time, a little me. It’s really interesting to see how much my writing style has changed and how much I myself have changed. That short rant review is very funny to me now, and that is why I wanted to share it with you. I want to show you a piece of my younger self.

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Early Spring Cleaning my bookshelves

The inspiration for this came from the previous post, which if you haven’t read was my yearly wrap up. In that post I mentioned that reading tastes have changed over the past two years, since I started attending literature classes. There were always books that after some time I no longer wanted to read but I am sure that these classes have generally changed what books I will be reading the future.

I have usually tried to keep the books on the Goodreads “Read” and “Want to read” shelves fairly equal, that is not the case now. Currently the number of book marked as “read” is 248, while 296 are marked as “want to read”. Therefore, considering all of what I wrote above, I decided to do some Spring Cleaning, a little early, but I really felt like doing this now, not later, but now.

Factors that I take into consideration when debating whether or not to take something of my tbr is for instance the rating, sometimes I added books before their release and perhaps they didn’t get such good reviews. Also, some books that seem to similar to books I have already read could be good candidates to be taken of my tbr. Beyond that there are many more reasons, I will explain for each book why I decided to let it go.

So let’s get into it.

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Yearly wrap up: my year in books

It’s that time, time for the yearly wrap up, that to be honest I could have uploaded earlier, but it’s ok. It’s still January so I’m fine, it would have been worse if I was posting this in March or April, that would have been bad, really bad.

Anyway, I’m sure that you have already seen a few of these yearly wrap ups so I won’t explain, I mean, there is no philosophy behind it, just me presenting the statistics relating to books I read during the year.

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The first ever Christmas movies

Hello everyone, Christmas is just around the corner so I wanted to share this small list with you of the first Christmas movies ever created. While this is not a book post I still thought it would be nice to share this.

All of the films are short black and white movies, and a few of them are available online for free on sites such as YouTube, so if you are interested you could watch one a day on the lead up to Christmas.

  1. Christmas Carol, A (1908) – Silent Film adaption of the Charles Dickens novel about a bitter old miser who gets a chance for redemption when visited by three ghosts of Christmas past.
  2. Trap for Santa Claus, A (1909) – The children set a trap for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
  3. Christmas Carol, A (1910) – Silent Film directed by Thomas A. Edison
  4. Scrooge (1913) – directed by Leedham Bantock
  5. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (1914) – A boy rides in Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.
  6. Christus, The (1916) – The story of Christ
  7. The Right to Be Happy (1916) – A version of “A Christmas Carol”
  8. Christmas Carol, A (1917) -A sequel to the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
  9. My Little Boy (1917) – American silent drama directed by Elsie Jane Wilson based on the story by Rupert Julian.
  10. Night Before Christmas, The (1926)


The Disney Book Tag


The thing with this post is that, well, I found this tag in my drafts folder, with the date reading 2018. How have I not posted this already I do not know. Seriously weird. Since this is a few years old and I only saved the questions and some answers I unfortunately do not know who to credit. I tried looking for it, but no luck. I don’t know, perhaps I changed some of the questions and came up with teh others, I do not know. If anyone knows who to credit please write in the comments as I would love to add the creator of this tag to the post.

So, let’s get into it:

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